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Kango, HopSkipDrive Try to Make Ride-Hail Work for Kids

January 2, 2019

Via: Wired

IT’S A FEW minutes shy of six on a Friday, and Gabriel strolls into the misty San Francisco evening. Seeing his ride, he walks past his ninth-grade classmates loitering around their prep school’s entrance, waiting for a parent or babysitter […]


It’s Now Easier to Use Uber Eats on Your Company’s Dime

November 1, 2018

Via: Wired

MAYBE YOU LIKE business trips. The chance to go somewhere new, eat out for every meal, dry off with a fresh towel each morning, and be away from the daily life of the office (and the home) for a while. […]

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Lyft’s Bid to Rule the Streets Now Includes Public Transit

September 13, 2018

Via: Wired

In today’s transportation landscape, opening the Lyft app on your phone is a sing of intent. It means that wherever you’re going, you’ve decided you won’t biking, or walking, or taking the bus. Maybe you’ll share the ride with a […]

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Uber and Lyft’s Never-Ending Quest to Crush Price Comparison Apps

July 11, 2018

Via: Wired

FOR NEARLY AS long as there have been ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, there have been apps that help riders compare fares and travel times. These aggregator apps allow riders to survey all the services in an area and […]


As Rental Cars Fade Away, Avis Will Try Anything to Survive

June 1, 2018

Via: Wired

A tidal wave of change is barreling toward the auto industry—and as with any wicked swell, some of the surfers in the water will ride to glory, others will wipe out. The difference between them isn’t necessarily who has the […]


Lyft and Gear Up to Test Autonomous Ride Sharing

September 12, 2017

Via: IEEE Spectrum

Most autonomous car companies see ridesharing and taxi services as the clearest way for fully autonomous vehicles to become useful and cost effective. Unsurprisingly, ridesharing companies (whose largest expense is paying human drivers) are in enthusiastic agreement. Lyft in particular […]