Milking Scooters for Cash Helps Cities Build for the Future

November 6, 2018

Via: Wired

THEY HAVE LANDED in San Francisco, San Diego, Minneapolis. They have squeezed into Charlotte, North Carolina, Miami, and Phoenix. As shared, electric scooters took off some local governments panicked. Others moralized. A few shrugged their shoulders and let the people […]

Infrastructure Boom Seen Roaring Ahead Regardless of Midterm Result

November 2, 2018

Category: Infrastructure

Encouraging spending on roads, bridges and other infrastructure could be one of the rare areas where a Democrat-controlled Congress finds common ground with the Trump administration. Private investors in such projects aren’t relying on any breakthroughs, regardless of how next […]

Scorpio Agrees Scrubber Deals for Tanker, Bulker Fleets

October 16, 2018

Category: Shipping

The LOIs were inked with suppliers, engineering firms, and ship repair facilities and are subject the execution of definitive documentation, according to the two companies. Following its entry into an agreement to retrofit fifteen of its LR2s with exhaust gas […]

Impact & Regulations, Shipping

US: Iranian Tankers Are a Floating Liability

November 9, 2018

Via: World Maritime News

Hook argued that now that sanctions have been reimposed on Iran’s shipping sector, Iranian tankers calling at international ports and passing through waterways pose a major risk. Namely, since the U.S. sanctions also cover the provision of underwriting services, insurance, […]


Petrone: Floating Storage Making a Big Comeback

November 8, 2018

Via: World Maritime News

Floating storage of oil is expected to make a big comeback according to Ted Petrone, Vice Chairman of Navios Corporation. “I think it’s going to come back in a big way,” Petrone said during a conference call on Navios Maritime […]


World’s Largest Battery-Hybrid Ship Undergoes Finishing Touches

November 8, 2018

Via: World Maritime News

The hull of the Color Hybrid, the world’s largest battery-hybrid ship, owned by Color Line, has arrived at Ulstein Verft in Norway for completion. It measures 160 meters in length, and has a capacity of 2,000 passengers and about 500 […]


Booming Model 3 Sales Are Taking Tesla Mainstream

November 7, 2018

Via: Wired

Look at the latest data on US car sales, and you won’t find much in the way of surprises. Ford’s F-Series pickups reign supreme. SUVs and other pickups dominate the 20 most popular models in the country, along with cheaper […]