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Travel & Public Transit

Transit Industry Survey Finds Customer Experience is Vital

September 24, 2018

Via: Metro Magazine

Leaders at transit agencies throughout the country crave a better passenger experience, improved modal integration, integrated apps, ride-hailing solutions under their own brand, and first- and-last mile options to connect people to transit, according to a new survey. Many also […]

Travel & Public Transit, Vehicles

Uber Launches ‘Express Pool’ to Conquer the Commute

February 21, 2018

Via: Wired

TODAY, UBER IS launching its latest innovation in ride-hailing, one it has spent the past year spinning up. There’s new tech architecture, a novel user interfaces, and in-app intro schemes to teach the rider how to use the new service. […]

Impact & Regulations

Waymo Offers Robocar Rides to the Public

April 26, 2017

Via: IEEE Spectrum

For a month now, Waymo has been offering rides in its robocars to select customers in Phoenix, Ariz. To help expand the ridership, the company is adding 500 vehicles to its fleet of self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans, a sixfold increase. A customer hails a ride […]

Impact & Regulations

Uber Suspends Robocar Testing After Crash

March 27, 2017

Via: IEEE Spectrum

Uber has temporarily suspended the testing of its self-driving cars following the crash of one of them in Tempe, Ariz. The ride-hailing company had also been conducting experiments in Pittsburgh and San Francisco. “There was a person behind the wheel [of […]