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The electrification of road freight marches forward

March 28, 2018

Via: TreeHugger

DHL aren’t the only shipping company introducing electric vehicles. In fact, several new developments suggest more and more of our stuff will be moved by electric motor in the not too distant future. UPS, for example, is deploying stationary energy […]


Drivers See Big Toll Hikes In 2018

January 9, 2018

Via: The Huffington Post

Get ready, drivers. With gas tax revenue stagnant and transportation funds scarce, states are turning to toll roads in 2018 to fill treasuries and manage traffic — despite outrage from motorists and questions about the efficiency of tolls. The full […]

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Mobility-On-Demand: The Future of Transportation

December 26, 2017

Via: Metro Magazine

Ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft have been largely viewed as a threat to public transportation agencies, stealing customers and much-needed revenue. These fears are not unfounded. An October report by the University of California, Davis Institute of Transportation […]

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Bombardier, Metrolinx reach new light rail vehicle agreement

December 22, 2017

Via: Metro Magazine

Bombardier agreed to amend the contract terms with Toronto’s Metrolinx to produce light rail vehicles for the Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit (LRT) system on-time. The move resets the relationship with Metrolinx under its new leadership, and provides a clear […]

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Record Travel Projected for Christmas, New Year’s Holidays

December 18, 2017

Via: Transport Topics

As the Christmas song goes, “Gee, the traffic’s sure terrific.” In fact, travel experts say they believe the final holiday travel period of the year — Dec. 23 through midnight New Year’s night — will set a new record. AAA […]

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January is go time

December 8, 2017

Via: Politico

THUNDERCATS ARE GO: The White House plans to send lawmakers “a detailed infrastructure principles document” in January, an administration spokeswoman confirmed Thursday, setting off the latest iteration of Panda Watch for the transportation world. To review, the plan is expected […]


We don’t need electric transport trucks, we need to get rid of trucks

November 17, 2017

Via: TreeHugger

At the 1967 International Container Conference in Genoa, Italy, Gabriel Alter (my late dad) outlined what he called a “land bridge” for moving goods in containers from ship to rail to truck for freight distribution across the country. With the […]


The Liability of Location Tracking in Field Service

November 7, 2017

Via: Aberdeen Essentials

In Ridley Scott’s Alien, there’s a scene in which Tom Skerrit’s character, Dallas, attempts to hunt down the titular creature as it slinks through their spaceship’s duct system (Why would a spaceship have a huge duct system? I don’t know). […]

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Driver Growth, Infrastructure Leading Concerns for VA and NJ Ahead of Elections

November 2, 2017

Via: Transport Topics

Freight transportation, infrastructure issues and jobs will be key considerations for many voters electing new governors on Nov. 7 in New Jersey and Virginia — the only states with gubernatorial contests this year. In Virginia, workforce growth and development are […]

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LA looks to Rideshare to build the future of public transit

October 24, 2017

Via: Wired

BACK IN YE olden times, beckoning a ride with a phone tap was for the 1-ish percent. Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick says he launched his world-shaking app back in 2009 so he could look über-rich and powerful. “We just […]