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Chevy’s Making a Hydrogen-Powered Pickup for the US Army

October 4, 2016

Via: Wired

WHEN IT COMES to pickups, the standard attitude is, go big or go home. Huge knobbly tires, bullbars, spotlights, winches—even if they’re unnecessary. Look at Ford’s F-150 Raptor (not just leaner, meaner!), Toyota’s Tacoma TRD Pro (not afraid to show […]

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The Startup That Could Help GM Beat Google to the Self-Driving Car

August 11, 2016

Via: Wired

KYLE VOGT COULDN’T do anything to help his dustpan-shaped battlebot Decimator as it took a saw blade to the belly. The CO2 tank powering its primary weapon ruptured, sending his droid skittering into the spikes lining the arena. Moments later, the bot’s nemesis, Tazbot, […]