image: Megabus

Intercity Bus Lines Picking Up Speed with New Service Strategies

May 1, 2018

The intercity bus industry is again picking up speed, having already navigated speedbumps created by plummeting oil prices in 2014 — a year that ushered in a period of abnormally cheap fuel and the end of an era of frenetic growth. With the country’s economy improving and high gasoline prices increasing the cost of automobile travel, demand for bus travel is inching upward and the sector is regaining its mojo.

But, strategies have changed greatly since the days when BoltBus and Megabus rolled out major hubs and route networks to bring express service to population centers across the U.S. mainland. The most recent expansion has been more nuanced, generally spurred by a desire to fill gaps in the system, improve connectivity with Amtrak, and strengthen existing routes with new intermediate stops.

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