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Wall Street’s incredible shrinking shipping stocks

December 1, 2020

Via: FreightWaves

The news is brimming with stories on businesses that are “dead men walking.” Movie theaters. Cruise lines. Retail outlets. Event organizers. Big-city offices. Ocean shipping doesn’t fall in this category — there’s no existential threat to transporting cargo by sea. […]


Tesla Bull Case Raised Above $2,000 a Share at Morgan Stanley

July 7, 2020

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Morgan Stanley analysts lifted their bull-case price target for Tesla Inc. to $2,070 after an “extraordinary” rally saw the stock overshoot a previous best-case scenario of $1,200. But they still don’t recommend buying Tesla shares. After better-than-expected delivery numbers in […]


Shipping Stocks That Soared After the Election Have Now Tanked

March 15, 2017

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Almost as quickly as it happened, it was gone. Shortly after Donald Trump was elected president Nov. 8, the stock prices of a slew of shipping companies soared by more than 1000% on hopes that commodity prices would rise and […]