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European Commission comes under renewed pressure to make liner intervention

September 16, 2021

Via: Splash 247

Ten global and European transport, port and shipper associations have written another letter to the heads of waterborne transport and antitrust at the European Commission in Brussels demanding immediate action be taken against global liners. The letter is a follow-up […]


Federal Maritime Commission launches liner probe as container availability becomes very tight

November 23, 2020

Via: Splash 247

The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) in Washington DC has launched a probe into liner activity in the ports of New York, Los Angeles and Long Beach as shippers voice ever louder concern about the lack of available containers to shift […]

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Driverless cars face regulatory roadblock

September 19, 2016

Via: The Hill

Automakers and tech companies are charging ahead with driverless cars, but some fear that they could hit a major roadblock: a patchwork of local regulations. Michigan just backed legislation that would allow self-driving car tests without humans, while Chicago is […]