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Ford cuts prices on Mach E as Tesla raises them on Model Y

May 2, 2023

Via: Tech Xplore

Ford is cutting U.S. starting prices on its Mustang Mach E electric SUV, bringing many versions below the cost of its main competitor, the Tesla Model Y. Ford also said it is reopening the order bank on Wednesday for the […]


Tesla Cuts Vehicle Prices in Bid to Boost Flagging Demand

January 13, 2023

Via: Transport Topics

With its sales slowing and its stock price tumbling, Tesla Inc. slashed prices dramatically Jan. 13 on several versions of its electric vehicles, making some of its models eligible for a new federal tax credit that could help spur buyer […]


Tanker asset prices ‘on a tear’

August 1, 2022

Via: Splash 247

With shipping widely acknowledging that the tanker sector is finally in the ascendant after a dire 18 months, prices for newbuilds and secondhand tonnage are now “on a tear”, according to a new report from Poten & Partners. VLCC newbuilding […]