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Fresh thinking about the electric grid holds possibilities  

December 1, 2023

Via: FreightWaves

It is easy to simply state a problem and offer no solutions. For example, where are we going to get the electricity to power the transition to electric heavy-duty trucks? One potential answer is to look at the electric grid […]


Florida’s Blue Innovations Group Betting on Electric Boats

December 29, 2022

Via: Transport Topics

As Tesla helped usher in electric cars, a Tampa Bay, Fla., company seeks to do the same for boating. Blue Innovations Group, founded by former Tesla global head of manufacturing Chuan “John” Vo, is working out of Pinellas Park on […]


What to expect when you’re expecting electric transportation

February 25, 2020

Via: ScienceDaily

In the study led by Assistant Professor Runsen Zhang at Hiroshima University, researchers combined economic and transport models and data from 17 regions around the world to produce six scenarios for transportation into the year 2100. As many governments plan […]


Electric cars can become more eco-friendly through life cycle assessment

October 12, 2017

Via: ScienceDaily

It is time to stop discussing whether electric cars are good or bad. Instead industry, authorities and policy-makers need to work together to make them as eco-friendly as possible. This is the view taken by Anders Nordelöf, a researcher at […]