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Travel & Public Transit

FTA Makes $1.7B Available for Transit Investments

February 3, 2023

Via: AASHTO Journal

The Federal Transit Administration recently issued a notice of funding opportunity for nearly $1.7 billion in discretionary grants to support state and local transit fleet modernization efforts as well as to support transit workforce development programs. Applications are due by […]


Texas Schools Awarded Grants for Trucking Vocations

December 29, 2022

Via: Transport Topics

Educational grants for careers as truck drivers and diesel mechanics are among $54 million in awards by the Texas Workforce Commission to schools to buy equipment and expand job options for students. “Texas continues to cultivate a highly skilled, diverse […]


NCLH completes scrubber retrofits on 13 cruise ships

December 14, 2021

Via: Offshore Energy

As informed, NCLH has completed EGCS installations on 13 Norwegian Cruise Line ships which represent approximately 70% of operational capacity. The new systems are aimed at improving the ships’ environmental footprint by significantly reducing emissions, including sulfur oxides and particulate […]


Preferred stock in the shipping sector

July 22, 2021

Via: Hellenic Shipping News

There has been an increasing trend for private equity investments in the shipping sector to take the form of preferred stock in either publicly listed or private companies, rather than through a more traditional method of establishing a joint venture […]

Travel & Public Transit

Investments in Modern Transit Options May Yield $7.6B in Health Benefits

January 29, 2021

Via: Metro Magazine

Investments in infrastructure to promote bicycling and walking under the proposed Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) could mean major health benefits and savings for residents across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region, according to a new study conducted by Boston University […]

Travel & Public Transit

Pandemic expected to cost U.S. airports an additional $17B, threaten future investments

January 26, 2021

Via: Transportation Today

Financial projections released by an airport trade group show that U.S. airports will lose at least $17 billion due to the pandemic. A Jan. 14 report from the Airports Council International – North America (ACI-NA) found that between April 2021 […]

Impact & Regulations

Chicago Transit’s board approves $75M investment for Red Line extension

November 30, 2016

Via: Metro Magazine

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) announced that its board has approved an amendment to its FY2016-FY2020 Capital Improvement Plan to include $75 million in funding for the Red Line Extension (RLE) project, a plan to extend […]