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Shipping industry: Planned $5B R&D fund could support developing countries’ decarbonization

March 15, 2022

Via: Offshore Energy

Updated proposals submitted to the UN International Maritime Organization (IMO) outlined how a planned $5bn IMO Maritime Research Fund (IMRF), which will accelerate the development of zero-carbon technologies and fuels, could also be used to support the maritime decarbonisation efforts […]


Drop-off in labour standards reporting from flag states

February 1, 2022

Via: Splash 247

The annual Shipping Industry Flag State Performance Table from the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has identified reporting on seafarer wellbeing as a “casualty of the pandemic”. This year’s table highlights a drop in levels of reporting on the status […]


Shipping and renewable energy bodies join forces to advance global green fuel transition

January 18, 2022

Via: Hellenic Shipping News

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), representing over 80% of world’s merchant fleet, has signed a Partnership Agreement with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to support the decarbonisation of the shipping sector and its role in the transition towards […]


Transport bosses urge governments to avoid knee-jerk reactions to the omicron variant

December 6, 2021

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Transport bosses have urged world leaders to avoid knee-jerk reactions to the omicron variant, which could put transport workers and the global supply chain at greater risk. Cross-border transport workers including seafarers, air crew and drivers must be able to […]


Every ship’s efficiency rating will be made public, says ICS

November 4, 2020

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The ‘A’ to ‘E’ operational efficiency rating of every ship above 5,000 gt will be made fully public and updated on an annual basis, according to the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS). This rating system could be adopted as soon […]