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A Lawmaker Wants Fast Trains to Rev Up the US Economy

May 19, 2020

Via: Wired

ACCUSE REPRESENTATIVE SETH Moulton of loving trains too much at your peril. Yes, the Massachusetts Democrat worked for a time on a high-speed-rail project in Texas, one that is now finally inching towards a groundbreaking ceremony. He’s pressed for a […]

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California, feds gear up for rail money fight

February 21, 2019

Via: Politico

CALIFORNIA FEUDIN’: The acrimony over the state’s scaled-back high-speed rail project isn’t ending anytime soon, so your host teamed up with POLITICO California’s Jeremy White and Debra Kahn to break it all down. In short: There are two pots of […]

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Trump twists the knife on California rail setback

February 20, 2019

Via: Politico

BULLET TRAIN ESCALATION: DOT made the first move toward taking back the federal funding given to California for its high-speed rail project, canceling $929 million that had yet to go out and saying it will try to get back $2.5 […]