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House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee advances aviation safety, capital investment and disaster recovery legislation

June 17, 2022

Several bills advanced by the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure this week included major attempts to revamp aircraft maintenance and the aerospace supply chain, among other measures.

Passing the scrutiny of committee markup were the Safe Aircraft Maintenance Standards Act (H.R. 7321) and the American Aerospace Supply Chain Resiliency, Innovation and Advancement Act (H.R. 8049).

The former was introduced by the committee’s chair, U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR), with 13 bipartisan cosponsors, in an attempt to update Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) application of safety rules for foreign repair stations. Annual unannounced inspections, mandating mechanical issue reporting and requiring certain personnel to hold FAA mechanic or repairman certificates would all be required under the new bill.

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